A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Reinvent the Wheel (And Everything Else) is a 2D puzzle-platformer starring A325, a robot who has been warped back to the prehistoric era. However it is not your goal to terminate humanity's ancestors, but rather to help them invent four simple machines to ensure their survival and therefore your own existence.

In the future, humans and robots co-exist peacefully. Unfortunately, an evil Technophobe who wishes to rid the world of all robots has travelled to the past and prevented the Wheel, Lever, Screw and Pulley from ever being invented. This has paradoxical repercussions for the robots of the future, who are now debilitated and barely functional without these essential parts.

Can our robotic hero save the future of technology?

Play the game to find out!


Reinvent the Wheel.zip 5 MB
Reinvent the Wheel (Mac).zip 5 MB